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    Company, Apprentice and Junior Company Contract

    Jr. Company (Level 1 and up) Apprentice Company (Ages 11-12) Company (Ages 13 and up) All dancers considering joining the DcD Youth Company must review the following information with their parents prior to making the final decision. All members and their parents will sign a contract upon signing up stating that they understand the following: Being a dancer with any Company requires that you put forth mental and physical effort, combined with dedication and time management skills. Dancers must be alert and physically responsive when most people are taking a break. Your reward is the exhilaration of dancing and performing onstage in a professional setting and being part of an elite group of young dancers working together as part of a team. Being a member of a Ballet Company requires a lot of energy, and Company dancers must learn how to pace themselves; knowing when it is time to rest, and when it is time to push a little harder. Knowing what your responsibilities are as a Company dancer should help you to organize your time more efficiently in your weekly routine. It is important to understand that your commitment to the DcD Youth Ballet Company is matched by the DcD staff. We are dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to develop technically and artistically as a dancer and to gain performance experience in an atmosphere of professional quality. Volunteers and DcD parents donate their time and money to make performances possible for dancers who are making the most serious commitment to dance. In short, the dancers are the performing members of an organization in which everyone has a job to do and responsibilities to meet. At DcD, we discourage competition as a part of dance training. Our focus is to develop a long lasting passion for dance while keeping it both professional and fun. We want all of our dancers to feel like their roles in our productions are crucial to the success of the overall performance. Please understand that being part of a large production means that some dancers will, undoubtedly, be disappointed with their roles and it‘s likely dancers will repeat roles from year to year. With that in mind, it’s important for dancers and parents to manage their expectations. As a Company, Apprentice or Jr. Company member it is your responsibility to accept your roles graciously and be supportive of your peers’ roles. All discussion of casting should be kept positive and dancers are discouraged from comparing their roles to those of other dancers. Remember, the goal is to have a successful performance and to HAVE FUN!

    CLASS REQUIREMENTS: Each dancer is required to attend weekly ballet technique classes at the Dance Conservatory of Denver throughout the school year. (September through June including the Summer Intensive Program.) Junior Company and Apprentice Company members (Level 1- age 12) are required to attend at least two ballet classes per week, and Company Members (Ages 13 and older) are required to attend at least three ballet technique classes per week.

    REHEARSAL REQUIREMENTS: Choreography for the Children’s Nutcracker and Summer Performance will be taught during mandatory Saturday rehearsals beginning September 17th for Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company members. Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company Members can only miss two rehearsals per performance season. For example, a dancer can only miss two Saturday rehearsals from September through December to perform in the Children’s Nutcracker. Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company members are expected to maintain an impeccable attendance record in both weekly technique classes (as stated above in Class Requirements) and Company rehearsals.

    STRETCH CLASS: Attending online stretch class from 11:00 to 12:15 is mandatory for all Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company Dancers! Unexcused absences from stretch class is in violation of the Company Contract and will count as a full absence. Having more than 2 absences can lead to losing part(s) in the production. Stretch class begins promptly at 11:00 and all Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company members are expected to be on time. Tardiness can also impact your absence record. Please consider this in making your final decision!


    The Children’s Nutcracker Participation fees for Company , Apprentice and Jr. Company Dancers are $400 per dancer, and includes rehearsal time, theater rental, costume rental, filming and a cast T-shirt. Once the cast list is released, there are no refunds!

    Triple Bill Participation fees for Company and Jr. Company Dancers are $300 per dancer, and includes theater rental, costume rental, rehearsal time, and a cast T-shirt. There are no ticket sales requirements for the Triple Bill.

    CASTING: Casting is the responsibility of the Artistic Director, who must consider the specific needs of an entire production. Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company dancers may be cast in both. All dancers are required to accept the roles for which they have been cast graciously, and are encouraged to think in terms of dancing as part of a complete production, rather than dancing an isolated piece. Parents and Dancers are not allowed to question the casting decisions of the Artistic Director and doing so may result in being asked to leave the production. Casting as an understudy should be considered an opportunity to possibly dance that role, not as an unnecessary or unimportant task. Understudies are essential for every production, and are frequently called upon to perform if a lead dancer gets sick or injured. The Artistic Director reserves the right to take roles away from Company Dancers who have missed more than two rehearsals per production. If a Company Dancer is injured, the dancer should come to rehearsal and take notes. If a Company dancer knows in advance that she is going to miss a scheduled rehearsal, the dancer should send an email to the DcD as to which rehearsal will be missed. The Company Dancer may not be allowed to perform choreography that was missed during the missed rehearsal.

    ATTIRE, COSTUMES, MAKE-UP & ETIQUETTE: Dancers are required to wear classical ballet attire to all classes and rehearsals. For ladies; Black leotard, pink tights, and pink canvas split-sole ballet slippers. Cover-ups (t-shirts, etc.) are NOT allowed during class or rehearsal. Jewelry should remain at home, and hair should be arranged neatly in a ballet bun. Dancers must provide their own rehearsal and performance tights and shoes that are required as part of a costume. Performers do not get to keep costumes after the performances, and must be handled with care by dancers and parents. Drinking, eating, chewing gum, or sitting in costume is strictly prohibited. No dancer can leave the backstage or green room area while in costume or stage make-up. Dancers must always leave the rehearsal area, studios, dressing rooms, and theater neat and clean. Dancers should only bring water to drink at the studios and theater. Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company members are expected to exhibit exceptional behavior both inside and outside the studio, Theater and Dressing Room. Thank you for helping to maintain the most positive dance experience for every child in our program!

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