Thanks for your interest in participating in DcD’s 2021 production of The Triple Bill, which features ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary choreography.  Triple Bill performances will take place on Sunday, June 13th at Lakewood Cultural Center. LCC is located at 470 S Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226. We will have TWO performances on June 13th.  We encourage all of our dancers to be a part of this special event showcasing the talent we have at DcD. We believe that performance is an important part of dance training and it is also a lot of fun for our dancers!

If your dancer(s) want to be a part of this amazing event, please read this page in its entirety and then visit the registration tab of our website and sign-up for the correct participation level prior (see below) to the auditions on February 8th.

Auditions for the Triple Bill will take place on February 8th.

Participation (Ages 3-9 non-company*): The Triple Bill is a fun performance opportunity for all ages at DcD. The cost to participate at this level is $200 (due prior to the audition) and that includes rehearsal time, costume rental, theater rental and a cast t-shirt. All dancers who audition will be cast in the production. Participants will be cast in one of the 2 shows, noon  or 4 PM. Non-Student Company participants should choose Triple Bill Non-Company Sign-up ($200).

*It is possible to be a participant if you are Level 1 or older. The older participants will not dance both shows as the Jr. Company dancers will, will have fewer rehearsals and may have to dance within different age groups.

Jr. Company, Apprentice and Company (Level 1 and up) : Our student company programs were created for those dancers (Level 1+) who want to make a stronger commitment to our overall program and performances. There are larger commitments to rehearsals (Dancers cannot miss more than 2 rehearsals), performances (Dancers are cast in both performances) and class attendance.  The cost is $300 and is due prior to the audition on February 8th. There is no ticket sales requirement for the 2021Triple Bill.  If you are interested in participating at this level, please read through this page and the information at this link first to make sure you are fully aware of the commitments involved.  Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company Dancers choose Triple Bill Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company Sign-up ($300). The age breakdown is as follows:

Level 1 at time of audition are cast as Jr. Company Dancers
Ages 11-12 at time of audition are cast as Apprentice Company Dancers
Ages 13 and up are cast as Company Dancers

Multiple Dancer Discount: If you have more than 1 dancer in the performance the second dancer is half off (and the 3rd.) Apply coupon codes: dcd 100, dcd 200 or dcd 150 depending on participation level.

Auditions: The Triple Bill auditions will take place on Saturday, February 8th at the DcD Studios at 1958 Elm St. Please make sure to log in to your account at the DcD website and pay for the appropriate level of participation prior to the audition.  Non-Student Company participants should choose Triple Bill Non-Company Sign-up ($200).  For Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company Dancers choose Triple Bill Company, Apprentice and Jr. Company Sign-up ($300). Your account with DcD must be current to audition. This includes Summer Tuition and Past due tuition from 2018-2019.

The following is the Audition schedule:

Company dancers (13+) 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Apprentice Dancers (11+) 1:30-2:15 p.m.
Jr. Company dancers (9+) 2:15-3:00 p.m.
Intermediate Level (7+) 3:00-3:45 p.m.
Elementary Level (5+) 3:45-4:30 p.m.
Pre-Ballet (3+) 4:30-5:00 p.m.

Choreography Competition: (Jr. Company+) Student Company members have the option of competing for a solo dance in the show that they choreograph. The date for this competition is Thursday, April 15th from 4:30PM – 8:00 PM

Casting: All casting decisions are final! It is unacceptable to question the Artistic Director or any employee of DcD concerning roles dancers are cast in. We will not engage in any correspondence regarding casting. Dancers need to learn to accept their roles graciously as it takes an entire cast of dancers to put on a successful production.

Rehearsals:  See Full Rehearsals Breakdown Here!

Company Dancers (age 13+) will start rehearsals on Saturday, March 6th
All Apprentice Dancers (Ages 11 & 12): Starting April 10th
All Jr. Company (Level 1+):  Starting April 17th
Intermediate Level (7+): Starting May 1st
Elementary Level (5+): Starting May 1st
Pre-Ballet Level (3+): Starting May 1st

Communication:DcD uses this site along with email for communicating with our parents. It is crucial that you are a member of this site to receive the most current and accurate information.

Purchasing Tickets for the Performances: Tickets for the performance cost $25 and will be available through Lakewood Cultural Center.

Volunteers: At DcD we realize that we couldn’t possibly pull of this amazing set of performances without the help of our parent volunteers! There are plenty of opportunities to help out throughout the weekend. From assisting back stage getting dancers ready to helping decorate the lobby there are lots options to help out! We use Sign-up Genius to organize our parent volunteers.